Tyler Bramble, PhD

Portfolio Growth Lead, Cainthus

Tyler began his career at Cainthus in 2018 where he has held the position of Portfolio Growth Lead. Cainthus is using computer vision and artificial intelligence to monitor dairy cattle behaviors.

Prior to joining Cainthus, Tyler spent nearly two decades in various commercial roles for a global animal health supplier providing nutritional and management advice to dairy producers throughout the USA and various countries. He is also a coauthor on two patents… Systems and methods for estimating feed efficiency and carbon footprint for milk and meat producing animals.

Tyler’s passion is helping dairy producers solve nutritional and managerial issues.  He continues to have an interest in manipulating growth and maximizing livestock performance via nutritional strategies.

Bramble is the current, Chairman of the Board for Superior Agriculture and a Board Member of the Agricultural Advisory Council at California State University Chico. These boards were created to provide support and promote the College of Agriculture programs at California State University Chico, as well as, provide recommendations concerning the direction of the academic programs within the college, respectively.

When Tyler is not travelling you can find him at home in Visalia, CA cheering on his kids in their various sporting and school activities.

2019 CONNECT SUMMIT – Panel: Emerging Technology and the Future of Dairy Operations