Lynn Murray

Owner/Manager - Murcrest Farms, LLC

Lynn Murray is a 3rd generation owner/manager of Murcrest Farms, LLC in Copenhagen, NY. Located just east of the Tug Hill Plateau, the Murray’s farm sits in the path of the most snowfall east of the Rockies. The farm was purchased in 1949 by Lynn’s grandfather and father, Doug who was a visionary for the local dairy industry. Currently the farm is owned and managed by Lynn and his wife, Peggy along with their son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Sara. The Murray’s farm 2500 acres of cropland which supports the 2300 head of lactating cows and replacements.

In addition to overall farm and cropland management, Lynn has been very active off the farm serving as a board member for Jeff Bulk Cooperative, BOCES, Workforce Development Agency, Tug Hill Commission and the local school board for many years.

2019 CONNECT SUMMIT – Dairy Intelligence and Turning Data Into Information