Kristyn Mensonides

Kristyn Mensonides - Mensonides Dairy, LLC

Kristyn Mensonides of the Mensonides Dairy is the herd manager on her family's farm in Yakima County, Wash. Kristyn specializes in watching over the cows, their health, the milk production, the comfort of the animals, and managing the people in the same department. The Mensonides own 1,600 acres, 1,000 acres being utilized for the dairy and 600 acres of land used to grow alfalfa, corn, and triticale to feed the cows. For the 1000-acre dairy complete with nearly 12,000 cows – 5,200 of which are milking cows – cow comfort is of the utmost importance. Kristyn is proud to be a part of a family legacy. She is now creating her own path as she carries on the tradition built by her father, Art Mensonides, as she works alongside him, her sister, Amy, and brother-in-law Auke Bruinsma. Kristyn is a Dordt College graduate receiving her bachelor’s degree Business Administration and emphasis in Marketing in 2015.