Geoff Gerrits

Controller, Director of IT, & co-owner

Geoff brings over 10 years of experience in the graphics industry, giving Breeze Dairy Group a technological advantage over most dairy farms.

On the technology side, Geoff is responsible for more than just printer paper jams.  Besides ensuring data security and backups for all email, files, and computer hardware, Geoff develops and implements new technologies. From purchasing and installing new hardware and software, to setting up new networks, Geoff is responsible for the entire IT portion of Breeze Dairy Group.

On the financial side, Geoff is responsible for guiding financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing financial policies and procedures.  Geoff generates and reports the financial condition of Breeze Dairy Group to the ownership board and team members.

2019 CONNECT SUMMIT – Panel: Mobility Technology, the Connected Worker, and Enterprise Success