Evelyn Leubner – @nyfarmgirls

Evelyn Leubner - @nyfarmgirls

Three sisters utilize social media to show the public the truth behind modern-day agriculture. They advocate for the industry as a whole using their day-to-day experiences on their family’s dairy and crop farm as their biggest motivator.

The oldest, Evelyn (23), graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a degree in Animal Science and Dairy. She has moved back to the family farm to become the farm’s next generation.

Claudia (20), studied Ag business and entrepreneurship at the University of Lincoln Nebraska, and has brought that knowledge back to the home farm.

Jojo (17), the youngest, is a Junior in high school and is the main caretaker for the calves on the home farm.

Together, they are the NYFARMGIRLS.