Eve Pollet

Eve Pollet - Senior Vice President, Strategic Intelligence, Milk Molecules Initiative Lead

Eve Pollet is a Senior Vice President on the Strategic Intelligence team at DMI and leads the Milk Molecules Initiative at DMI. Eve’s background is in consumer and cultural insights and foresight for a variety of industries including CPG, Food, Beauty, Pharma, Media, and Technology. As part of the Strategic Intelligence team at DMI, Eve analyzes long-term and emerging trends outside of dairy to develop foresight past the current time horizon to size long-term opportunities and issues for U.S. dairy. Eve works to take identified long-term issues and opportunities grounded in foresight research and turn them into strategic initiatives for transformational, industry-wide change. One of those initiatives is the Milk Molecules Initiative that Eve leads. The initiative involves the construction of digital R&D platforms for advanced health and wellness research to create new market opportunities for farmers and the dairy industry.