Dr. Mike Wolf

Owner of Country Drs. Veterinary Service

Dr. Mike Wolf - Owner of Country Drs. Veterinary Service

Dr. Wolf has been a dairy practitioner since graduation from University of Minnesota 1979. He has been the owner of Country Drs. Veterinary Service since 1988 in Menomonie, WI. Since 2007 he has had an increasing role as the consulting veterinarian for VES Environmental Solutions of Chippewa Falls, WI. This role has involved research in barn design, fresh air flow delivery and cooling strategies in new and refurbished adult and young stock facilities.  By studying air flow patterns with sectional velocity mapping and video taping in multiple barn arrangements has lead to improved ventilation designs.  The success of these systems is reflected in improved animal welfare, production, reproduction and animal health parameters with a ROI to the dairy owner.  This includes design variations of crossvent, tunnel & natural ventilated barns, parlor/holding and robot facilities.  This research has included VES sponsored research projects with Kansas State University on the effectiveness of creating air flow at the animal level with ECV72 fans & high pressure fog to encourage increased laying times and core body temperature control.  Dr. Wolf is involved with initial design and follow up performance evaluations of VES systems as well as independent ventilation consults.  This has included projects in the UK, Slovakia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Qatar, Australia as well as throughout the United States.