Don Niles

Co-owner and manager of Dairy Dreams LLC

Don Niles - Co-owner and manager of Dairy Dreams LLC

Dr Niles graduated from the University of Minnesota with a D.V.M. in 1982. He practiced in Casco, Wisconsin (’83-’98) and also worked as a Monsanto Technical Service veterinarian in Visalia, CA. Since 2001, Don has been the co-owner and manager of Dairy Dreams LLC, a 2800 cow dairy in NE Wisconsin. Dr Niles has been a featured speaker, both nationally and internationally on topics relating to proper cow care, in particular maternity care on modern dairy farms. Recently, he was elected as president of the newly formed Peninsula Pride Farms, a farmer lead environmental stewardship organization in Kewaunee and southern Door Counties. He participates on the following organizations: AVMA ; AABP; DCWC; DBA and NMC.

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