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Where do I go to register for the Connect Summit?

What days/nights are covered in the registration?

Can I extend my stay and arrive earlier or stay longer than the dates covered by the registration?

Can my spouse or significant other attend the Connect Summit with me?

Is there any cost if I bring my children and make it a family trip?

When will I get the confirmation number for my room at the conference?

How do I let you know when my flight arrives and departs?

How do I let you know if I have food allergies or other special needs?


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How do I get to the resort when I arrive?

What is the best way to get around the resort?

How do I get around the Beaver Creek Village?

How do I get back to the airport after the conference?

Do I need to rent a vehicle?

Do I have to use the transportation you are providing to get to and from the conference?

What airport should I fly into?


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When does the Connect Summit start?

What is the dress code for the conference?

Can my spouse or significant other attend the entertainment in the evening?

Can my children attend the evening entertainment?

What meals are included in the full registration?

Are there kids meals available?

What meals are included in the spouse/significant other registration?

Will there be free time during the Connect Summit?

Will there be any VAS Product training sessions?

Are there any activities for spouses and significant others during the conference?

Beaver Creek Area

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What activities are there in the Beaver Creek Area?

If I choose to register for one of the activities in the area, how do I get there?

Are there activities for children?