William Avila

VAS Pocket CowCard Product Lead

William Avila, VAS Pocket CowCard Product Lead

I have been working with the dairy industry since the age of 7. Grew up and worked on the family dairy farm in central California. Our Dairy went on the cow kill program in 1985 and I began my learning of Dairy Comp while working for a neighboring dairy in 1986 that was the 6th program ever installed by Connor Jameson. In 1987 Connor asked me if I was interested in teaching other Dairy farmers how to use Dairy Comp 305, and I said YES! Since then I have worked in many roles while at VAS, my favorite being head dishwasher, lol. Currently I am working in the role of Product Leader for Pocket CowCard and provide feedback as a Dairy Business Analyst for the VAS Platform project.

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